We all use kissing as a way of showing love and affection. Whether it’s a young couple enjoying their first tentative romantic peck or a mum kissing goodbye to their kids on their first day of school, kissing is an important part of everyday life and one thing is for sure, us Brits just love to pucker up!

But what’s the reason why kissing is so important? Our lips contain so many nerve-endings, which are triggered when we kiss. This instantly boosts our mood and makes us feel happier. Keeping your lips healthy and smooth will ensure you’re ready to pucker up whenever and wherever the opportunity arises.

So, how do you get kissable lips?

Below we share with you some tricks and tips for making your lips sexier and more appealing. Lips that look and feel kissable need some tlc and a little care and attention.


Everyday tips for beautiful lips

It goes without saying that taking care of your mouth and lips is a must for lips that look smooth and kissable.

It’s universally accepted that the first thing most people notice about a potential partner is their smile. A beautiful smile and plump, healthy lips is top of the list of desirable features for most people and the good news is that its easily achievable by adopting a few simple lifestyle choices and perfecting your lip care routine.

 Make sure you’re drinking enough water

Well hydrated lips look healthy and supple. It all too easy and essential to keep yourself hydrated from the inside out by keeping topped up with water throughout the day.

Maintain a healthy diet

We’re all aware that what you choose to eat has a big impact on how your skin looks – Don’t forget that the skin on your lips is no different! We need to eat a diet rich in vegetables, fruit, and omega-3 fatty acids: and then you’re well on your way to smooth lips.

Danger. Step back from the coffee and tea

The caffeine contained in coffee and tea has a dehydrating effect and can cause the lips to darken in colour. Thin, stained lips are never high on anyone’s list as they swipe through Tinder, so why not try enjoying a mug of herbal tea instead and give your lips a break?

Stop licking your lips

Ok, it may feel like you’re doing them good by licking your lips regularly, but it can actually dry them out more, leaving them chapped and desperate for some real moisture. Keep a lip balm in your pocket at all times and reapply as needed. They’re less than £1 and last weeks, so you really have no excuse.

Massage your lips daily

Gently rubbing over your lips with your fingertips on a daily basis will help to increase the blood supply to that area and make lips noticeably plumper and healthier-looking – perfect for your next smooch! Even better why not create your own lips scrub. It really is so simple. Take some sugar and honey (or olive oil), apply on your lips and massage gently. Relax, allow the scrub to sit on your lips for 10-15 minutes and then simply rinse with warm water.

Keep lips protected with an SPF

We’re pretty much all aware of the need to apply sunscreen to our faces even when the sun isn’t shining bright. But the skin on your lips is thinner and even more delicate than on the rest of the face and is therefore at an increased risk of UV damage. Make sure to keep your lips protected with an SPF – if you’re smart you can combine to moisturising you need with a sunscreen in a simple lip balm.


The perfect solution for kissable lips

Of course, there is a perfect way that you can be sure to have full, plump lips from the moment you wake to the time you head back to bed in the evening. From additional plumping to better definition you can have it all so easily this year with a simple 30-minute filler treatment that can see you on your way with literally a bigger, brighter smile on your face.

  • Achieve soft, natural-looking lips (unless of course you’re looking to make a statement with Kylie Jenner style lips)
  • Create more lip volume to create a youthful look
  • Quick and effective with immediate results
  • Natural and subtle alternative to surgery
  • Enhance your smile and define the borders of your lips
  • Remove lip lines, even stubborn smokers’ lines
  • Accentuate the lip line
  • Treatment is safe and virtually pain free with numbing cream available if you’re still a little nervous
  • Little recovery or down time sees you back in your routine as soon as you leave
  • Long-lasting results