Look Like You – Our Ethos

Most of us feel the same way. We are content with the way we look, yet we look back through pictures, family albums and Facebook posts and we smile fondly when we see a photo of ourselves where we look good, look happy and look radiant. And which one of us wouldn’t want to look like that everyday?

Look like you Ltd was founded in 2015, by experienced medical practitioner Sharon Hunter with the explicit aim of making people feel confident and self-assured with their appearance without invasive surgery.

Located in rural North Yorkshire between York and Harrogate, we offer flexible options on where you choose to have your treatment – even your home if you want to feel totally relaxed and comfortable.
I work with you to define what it means to you to look good.

In the current climate you need to feel totally confident in the practice you choose which is why we think a background in Infection Control and experience working for PHE and as a lecturer at Huddersfield University will give you confidence you are truly in the safest of hands.

Botox anti-wrinkle treatment

Prices are based on individual requirements and dependent on the areas of treatment. For example around the eyes is classed as 1 area with the forehead and glabella classed as 2 areas.
1 Area £165
2 Areas £195
3 Areas £249

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Dermal fillers

Prices vary due to the amount required. e.g. 1cc of filler will probably treat moderate marionette lines. Typically 1cc  is required to enhance lips or treat nose to mouth lines.
1cc £199
2cc £385

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The prices for anti-wrinkle treatment and dermal fillers vary by person because we are all unique – and we want to stay that way! For this reason we always undertake a free, no-obligation consultation ahead of any treatment. As part of this consultation you will be given a prescription which I will use to purchase your treatment. This prescription is non transferable and will need to be renewed ahead of each treatment.

Yourself, but on your best day

Call me for a free, no obligation consultation and see what you could become.

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