"I recently hosted a gathering of close friends and colleagues with the aim of understanding public perceptions into the aesthetic industry and as anticipated they didn’t hold back in sharing their views."


A few took me to one side and asked “what would you do to me?” Others joked that treatment wasn’t for them, although they would be open to becoming a hand model if ever the need arose, but importantly all of them shared one view – that if you are going to take your first step into anti wrinkle or dermal fillers then you need to be sure your practitioner is fully trained; medically trained in fact.

Of course they all know my background and many are Drs and Nurses who I worked alongside at Public Health England so perhaps  it’s not surprising?

Ten minutes of Lesley Ash and Pete Burns jokes passed and generally the gang eased themselves into chatter about wanting to look fresher, take less time getting ready for an evening out and generally feeling more confident in their appearance- this is what I call getting back to ‘looking like you’

A few had noticed their husbands joking that they ‘looked like they were in a bad mood’ more often and acknowledged that the tiny, almost imperceptible changes that caused the corners of their mouths to droop did indeed make them look a little more stern than they felt inside.

They were amazed when I told them of the technique to add a small amount of filler to the outer corners under the bottom lip and how this would literally turn that frown upside down. I was amazed when my friend, the one in the group known for being the most serene and always cheerful announced that she herself had undergone this treatment  a few months ago and since then had literally been showered with compliments on how cheerful her disposition was. People were joking that she had a secret that played across her face like a glance of ‘merry mischief’. And of course, until she opened up to us about the treatment it had been a secret.

if you’ve noticed the corners of your mouth are starting to droop slightly resulting in you looking less cheerful, then why not give me a call and lets see if we can turn that frown upside down with a little help from dermal fillers.

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Marionette lines

Are marionette lines making you look unhappy or stern?

Marionette lines are those particularly deep lines that run from the corner of your mouth down your chin – so called because they give the appearance of dolls create back in the turn of the century where the mouths open and close – also seen heavily on German nut crackers, but lets just leave it there! The term is often also used to refer to nasolabial folds occurring around the top of the mouth up to the corner of your nostrils.

marionette lines

Smokers lines get their marching orders

One of the most common concerns for clients is the appearance over time of vertical lip lines, commonly referred to as “smokers lines” or “lipstick lines”.  These stubborn wrinkles are caused by a variety of factors, including age, genetics, repetitive lifestyle habits, and in some cases, smoking.